Increase Seminal Fluid

How do you increase seminal fluid? Not a question many men will ask out loud but it is a topic that will discussed throughout this site.

Increase Seminal FluidA man can make his orgasm much more intense if he can increase his seminal fluid, otherwise known as ejaculating more. By having more semen, a guy will be able to prolong the length of time he is able to cum. The reason for this is that the body will need more contractions and pulsations to push out the extra amount of semen. As you can imagine, this sort of thing can enhance the ‘moment’ the man and woman experience this together.

When this sort of thing happens, it is not only the guy who gets an increase in pleasure. All of the extra pulsations and contractions will give a much more heightened sensation of ecstasy for the female partner also.

So as you can see, there are many advantages to increasing the seminal fluid output. So where do you start?

There are some changes which will be needed if you want this to happen to you. Depending on who you are and what type of routine you have during your day, the changes may or may not be easy. One of the best changes to make is to control what goes into your body. Yes, making some tweaks to what you eat.

There are some foods we have regularly that are known to damage semen production inside the body. Many of these foods are not good for you on the whole so it would be beneficial to cut back on them. You should be cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink on a regular basis. More important is to cut right back on the amount of saturated fat eaten. Junk food is never good. This also goes for foods which have been highly processed and refined with added sugar.

Caffeine and tobacco are two daily vices which many men take pleasure in. These are two things which should also be moderated, especially the tobacco. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are the worst so it may be worth considering giving it up altogether, especially if you are serious about increasing your sperm count.


You should be replacing all of the bad stuff with foods that are rich in zinc and other vitamins which are known to increase semen levels. Foods you should be eating include bananas, oysters, lamb, turkey, beans, nuts, and some red meats. Other health foods which should be included are spinach, poultry, and egg whites. Thes also contain the amino acids L-arginine and L-cartinine; very important for healthy semen production.

It is also possible to get some of the iron mentioned from a daily vitamin supplement. And there are also specially formulated supplements that have been created specifically to increase seminal fluids and help with more powerful ejaculations. If you decide to go this route, buy an all natural supplement such as Semenax.

Semen is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. So it is possible to increase it by taking care of the body. Just follow some of the suggestions made on this site and you should be able to increase seminal fluid.

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